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Equipment for liquid chilling, dispensing, and water purification applications. Drinking fountains, Filling stations, Remote chillers, Filters & purifiers.

Website: www.filtrine.com

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Portable Tee and branching equipment for copper and stainless piping systems, Portable pipe cutoff saws, and in-place fabrication equipment.

Website: www.t-drill.com

Backflow preventers, Pressure reducing valves, Fire protection control valves, Pilot operated control valves, Relief valves, Shutoff valves, Thermal expansion products, Aqua-guard thermostatic mixing valves.

Website: www.zurn.com

Specification Drainage Products, Aquaspec commercial faucets, Aquaflush flush valves and sensor faucets, Chemical Drainage systems, Commercial Fixtures, Ecovantage Water Conservation Products, Flo-Thru linear drainage systems, Tubular Brass products.

Website: www.zurn.com

Assisted living Independence Line of Acrylic and Gel-coat fiberglass fully accessorized showers and tub showers complying with ADAAG, ANSI, HUD, UFAS and other codes. Residential showers, tub-showers, whirlpools, soakers, walk-in units in acrylic and gel-coat fiberglass.

Website: www.clarionbathware.com

Commercial, Residential and Industrial water treatment systems. Water softeners, Water filters, Dealkalizer systems, Reverse Osmosis systems, and Deionization systems.

Website: www.customcarewater.com

Combination safety showers, Showers, Eye & Facewash, Self-contained potable safety equipment, tempered water systems, Freeze protected showers, Water blending stations.

Website: www.enconsafety.com/en/

Engineered fiberglass grease, oil and solids interceptors in sizes ranging from 50 to 10,000 gallon capacity. Microceptor under-sink coffee ground interceptor, PHIX under-counter acid neutralizing units, Fiberglass storage tanks, Retroceptor in-kitchen grease interceptors.

Website: www.greenturtletech.com/

Stainless steel and solid surface wash fountains in mechanical and sensor operated configurations, Stainless steel and solid surface lav systems, Wash troughs, Passive, active and piezo operated electronic faucets, and Flotronic shower systems.

Website: www.intersan.eu/us

Commercial stainless steel sinks. Available in Single, Double and Triple bowls in drop-in and under-mount configurations. CuVerro anti-microbial copper nickel sinks, Surgical scrub sinks, NSF scullery and hand wash sinks, ADA bathroom sinks, Clinical sinks and sinks with the Integra Flow overflow system.

Website: www.justmfg.com/

Terrazzo mop sinks and shower floors, Shower cabinets, Terrazzo outdoor drinking fountains, Heavy duty steel outdoor drinking fountains, Pedestal hydrants, Pet fountains and jug fillers.

Website: www.sternwilliams.com/

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